Blogged by: Alyce Greer 24 Jan 2020

Meet me at the Bubble Mart: What to wear to the Melbourne Central Bubble Tea Festival

What do bubble tea and fashion have in common? At first glance, not much. But if you look a liiittle bit closer, you’ll find they’re practically twins. For starters, both bubble tea and fashion are nice treats when you’re out shopping for the day. They each come in lots of colour options to suit every taste. And according to both of them, accessories are a must. See? Twins. 
In fact, they’re so similar that there’s a direct correlation between the two; it’s scientifically proven* that if you love one, you 100% love the other. (*Not real science.)

That you? If so, circle 24-27 January 2020 on your calendar. The Bubble Tea Festival is on its way, and you’re invited to come along, drink all the bubble tea, and frolic in your best bubble tea-inspired outfit. For four days only, there’ll be limited edition bubble tea flavours available, a Bubble Mart where you can snatch up the cutest prizes, live music and, best of all, the chance to WIN 2X BUSINESS CLASS FLIGHTS TO BEIJING, thanks to Air China. Yep — this is not a drill.

To get you in the spirit, we’ve got 3 on fleek outfits inspired by our favourite drink. Maybe this is what they meant when they said “lookin’ like a snack”?

I want to be… Chatime Frozen Honeydew

Have you noticed green is IN right now? Do your best honeydew bubble tea impersonation in head-to-toe neon, or give a subtle nod with pops of chic green, like this stripe shirt paired back with fresh white. 


Pictured: Stripe Bow Shirt, T-Shirt Dress, Chunky Sneaker, Ring Belt, Pearl Hair Clips, Sunglasses, all from St Station.

I want to be… Gyoza Gyoza Tropical Garden

Who doesn’t want to be tropical AF? By wearing layers of crushed orange and fizzy yellow, you too can look as refreshing as the limited-edition Gyoza Gyoza bubble tea. 

Pictured: Drawstring Jacket, Earring Tee, Linen Short, all from JNBY. Vesper Sneaker from Mi Piaci.  

I want to be… B. Lucky & Sons Summer Splash Lychee Cocktail 

When we think bubble tea, we think pastel colours, swirly patterns and surprise extras. In the case of bubble tea, it might be tapioca pearls. Or a cute panda. In the case of this outfit? It’s definitely those candy-inspired shoes. 


Pictured: Denim Jacket, Printed T-Shirt Dress, Multicoloured Heel, all from JNBY

I want to be…. In Beijing 

And you can be there too thanks to Air China (we're super jealous)! We’re sending you and your best pal to Beijing Business Class. Yep, you heard us. Business Class. We know you want more info - click here.