The Supre Foundation : Empowering Girls
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 18 May 2017
The Supré Foundation currently spans 3 countries and assists 3 causes, all with the same singular aim: to ensure all girls have the opportunity to achieve their dreams!

The Supre Foundation dreams of fostering a world where both this generation and future generations of girls have access to all they need to fulfil their potential. And importantly, the Supré Foundation exists because it believes in providing a supportive world where girls are empowered.

Through its partnerships in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, the Supre Foundation is making a tangible difference in the lives of many girls around the world.


Here in Australia, the Supre Foundation has committed to stamping out bullying.

One in four Aussie girls aged 12 to 18 are bullied on a regular basis, both in-person and online, and the Supre Foundation aims to significantly decrease the amount of bullying and empower girls to take a stand against it.

Partnering with headspace, they have produced the Bullying. So Not OK. free booklet, with 100,000 copies being distributed in Supre Stores and headspace centres, or downloadable online here.

The booklet addresses schoolyard bullying through social and emotional education, helping students to develop the skills and confidence needed to respond when they see bullying taking place.

The Supre Foundation has committed $330,000 to fund the creation and delivery of Bullying Education and Prevention resources to schools, stores and communities across Australia.

The face of the campaign, actress Lilly Van der Meer from television series Neighbours, experienced bullying first hand during her high school years.

“Bullying is an issue that is close so my heart and I want to make sure girls know they are not alone and there is help out there,” she said.


In New Zealand, the Supre Foundation has committed $250,000 to the delivery of the life changing Kiwi Can programs, building confidence, self-esteem, life skills and resilience with the Graeme Dingle Foundation.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation helps kids aged 5 to 18 to keep on track, develop self-belief, set goals for the future, and contribute positively to society.

900 students are participating in this program with the aim of empowering these girls.

In South Africa many girls from underprivileged and rural communities miss up to 5 school days a month due to menstrual related challenges.

With the aim of keeping girls in school, 1500 sanitary female hygiene packs have been distributed to school students with the help of their partnership with Dignity Dreams.


Get behind the Supré Foundation and help them empower girls globally! 100% of proceeds raised through the sale of their charity products go directly to supporting Supré Foundation projects.
Visit the Supre website here and don’t forget to check out our Melbourne Central Supre store!

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