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Love Letters to Melbourne

Right now, Melbourne's a bit lonely. But as the city we all know and love comes back to life, hundreds of you have shared your Love Letters to Melbourne. Find out how you can share yours here

Melbourne is a city where you can get lost in the unique and extraordinary experiences on offer.

Whether it’s wandering down one of our famous laneways, meandering through our parks and gardens, shopping at bespoke boutiques or dining at some of the best restaurants in Australia; Melbourne has something for everyone.

The sights, tastes and smells of our city have the ability to delight and amaze you – with new adventures around every corner.

What really distinguishes Melbourne is that we are at our best when people come together to experience everything our city has to offer.

We have grunge music in basement bars, plays in heritage theatres, the biggest sporting events at the MCG, world-leading galleries and museums. Whatever your passion – old or new – you can indulge it in Melbourne.  

We have a close-knit community where people support each other through thick and thin. Now, more than ever, we need to discover what makes our city special.

Melbourne is my city and it’s always a place I have loved dearly.

Come back into the city and find your own reasons to fall in love with Melbourne. - Lord Mayor Sally Capp

I miss everything about Melbourne. Can’t wait to go to the Market ,shopping, a coffee and people watching at Southbank, NGV. I miss the footy crowds going in and out for a game . I can’t wait to meet friends again. Get better soon. – Anna S

Enjoy the Day in Melbourne. Where are the sounds, sights and sensational streets? When can we wander and marvel and take in the hidden lanes, the sweet aromas and shared smiles? Music to the ears, buskers doing their weird wonderful things, an occasional colorful friendly town crier welcoming strangers one and all and melliferous street food stalls simply serving exotic tasty bits. Bring on the happy days. All will be well. – Ian M

Me: Hey Melbourne, do you know how much I miss you and your loving spirit? 
Melbourne (in Terminator voice): No dramas mate, I'll Be Back!
- Gurprit S

My darling Melbourne (Melly as I affectionately call you). From the time I arrived in Melbourne 32 years ago almost 8 months pregnant. There’s not a bit of you that I haven’t loved and still love. I’ve been to some of the most famous cities in the world but nothing beats coming back to you. I miss going into the city and visiting my favourite haunts. It’s heartbreaking seeing you look so quiet and deserted but stay strong. These days won’t be forever. You will come back better than ever again. ❤️🌈 – Cheryl B

What do I miss about Melbourne, well so much, the trains, trams, cafes and coffee, smells and sounds, bookshops, cinemas, all of it.  
I first came to Melbourne in my mid-teens on school trips and then as a high school student, travelling on cheap interstate ferry and airplane fares. I found a vibrant, beautiful city with a very laid-back Mediterranean feel, incredibly friendly and helpful community, with a diversity of people, cultures, lifestyles and foods.  
Melbourne, cosmopolitan, bright and colourful, with an incredible variety of museums, parks and gardens, bookshops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, musical events, art galleries, sporting arenas, cinemas and markets. And it’s very accessible public transport system and fabulous train and trams. The city was also surrounded by beaches, bush, small towns and rural regions with plenty of wildlife… - Stephen K.    

Melbourne, just because the sun’s behind the clouds at the moment doesn’t mean you won’t sparkle as bright as ever when it passes. I look forward to seeing that glimmer again soon. ❤️ - Olivia R.

Dear Melbourne (Central), I miss you. Like, really miss you. I miss your wind gust as the train approaches in the loop. I even miss the trains you divert from the loop that end up on Flinders Street. I miss your Melbourne Central Tower with its amazing new foyer and light show. The big and warm ‘welcome back’ signs were only up a second before we were herded back home. I miss being able to walk all the way through Melbourne Central, then Emporium and then Myer (or DJs) and into the mall and to achieve this whilst being under cover the whole time and surrounded by tempting shiny stores. I miss our laneway hangs outside Patricias, the lines outside the sneaker shops, the feeling of scoring a table at Chin Chin without a long wait, the joy of debriefing after a concert or a show in a late night Chinatown gem, the Comedy Festival vibe, the footy crowds and the flashy Collins street shops. I even miss the random Elizabeth Street flash flooding during those summer storms. I really miss you. But I know I’ll see you soon. By then it will be warm and you will welcome me back and hand me an iced skim latte...and a small cake from Le Petit Gateau. - Kate P.

Roses are red, violets are blue, stay inside Melbourne I miss you. - Tanae D.

I can’t wait to just walk around in the buzz of you Melbourne & smelling the delicious fragrance from everyone’s food that’s passing by. - Sarah R

I miss riding on the train into the city seeing the sun rise. I miss sounds of the tram bells. I miss weaving through crowds on Swanston St. I miss people watching on the steps of GPO on Bourke St. I miss Friday mornings at Vic Market and American Doughnuts. I miss all the busking. I night walks around Federation Square and long the banks. I can't wait to walk, tram and train every inch of Melbourne to brunch and drink coffee, to catch up with friends and be back in the hustle and amongst Melbourne culture. I love my city. - Caro W.

I miss going to quaint Cafe's, seeing friends, walking in the busy city streets, stumbling upon new graffiti in the laneways, journeying in the tram and so much more! - Kriti B.

Melbourne, you're like Sydney, but better. You will get through this ❤️ - Clare P.

I grew up in Melbourne and have SO much love for this city, especially the longer I live here, even though I thought I would live overseas for a while I almost can’t imagine it now because of how wonderful our city is and how nice it is to have a safe and comfy home. - Cheryl L.

I spent most of my 20s in Melbourne and that was the best time of my life. Where I met the best people, had the best food, and experienced the best life quality. - Anna V.

Looking forward to rooftop sour beers in the summer after a dip at Elwood beach. - Peter V.

I live in a small country town in Victoria so i enjoy going down to Melbourne.I love the atmosphere as soon as i get off the train or bus i start to feel better.💖 I love the trams,even running for one is enjoyable.I love to spend the weekend at a hotel and i can go out dancing at the Nightclubs.I always feel safe in the venues.The security is fabulous.To me i always feel that Melbourne is a special place.I also enjoy all the shops and i love shopping in Melbourne💖I am looking forward to spending a couple of nights in Melbourne and getting dressed up and going to a nightclub or just live music 🎵 - Mary D.

Everything I have, Everyone I know, Everything I am, I owe in part to you. you are my home Australia❤️ - Delanna M.

Miss you melbourne - especially being able to escape from daily life. I miss commuting to the city and emerging from the station into what always seems like a new world. - Han N.

I love you Melbourne!!! You’re the best city in the world ! 💙 - Charbel H.

I love you winding laneways and hidden gems. I love you art galleries and pop up exhibitions. I’m looking forward to having brilliant Korean bbq and then going for a French cocktail. I’m looking forward to playing some pool and having a beer with mates. Get well soon Melbourne, we all miss you xx - Taylor B

Melbourne to me holds a place in my heart I go overseas but Melbourne is always my home we have the best coffee the best street art and best love music. - Dale C

I miss visiting Melbourne, meet family and cousins and hang out with Melbourne friends that I haven't seen for so long.- William L.

Melbourne has a beautiful vibe to it. It can heal any person and give them joy and serenity. I miss the streets filled with young people having a good time. When the city comes back to life, I just want to walk around the whole city. - Surendradat R.

Melbourne taught me what home feels like. In Melbourne, I feel beautiful in my own skin, I am loved, seen, protected and valued. - Mychelle I.

I love her sunburnt asphalt With a heart of curious lanes Of rugged and tidy verges Her dry , then , flooding drains I love her varied stretches Of history which one sees Her beauty and her uniquity The 'grand' Melbourne for me. Can't wait to get in and just wander again. - Yvette G.

Friday night footy!! Get me to the Percy Beames Bar again at the MCG or sitting way up with the gods in the stands to watch the Melbourne Demons smash the Tigers. Footy in winter makes Melbourne, it creates a special energy and vibe like no other - I miss it! - Caroline R.

Miss a cold Friday night, heading on down to grab a drink and then kick back with my mates at the top of Melb Central in the cinemas, kicking off the weekend. - Stephen C.

Dear Melbourne: I fell in love with you the first time I set foot in your beautiful city. I’ve called you my second home since my post grad year up until today. You’re never difficult to love and never easy to forget. What I love about you the most is that I can stroll around your city freely and without fear. Find a lot of gorgeous and delicious cafés and grab a hot cuppa any time of the day, be it a sunny or a freezing day. I used to always look forward to having brunch with family and friends and dining in at restaurants while enjoying the mouthwatering food and listening to beautiful music. Sadly, these past few months have prevented me and everyone else from doing all of these. I just put in mind that we’re all just having a break and just preparing for better days ahead. I always believe that we will all win this battle and that things will get better soon. I cannot wait to dine in, watch movies and concerts, visit the museum, hug and kiss my friends, and most of all, see people walk around whilst appreciating your beauty, and breathe in clean air without having to worry about wearing masks on our faces. I love you, Melbourne. - Chrysie T.

Melbourne, you will always hold a very special place in my heart! I love your food, your art, your gardens, your people and of course your coffee, and whenever I leave, even just for a moment, I always think about you and how lucky I am to call you my home.  - Stephanie M.

I miss the sweet Soy Flat Whites with Chocolate sprinkled on top & even the sassy baristas who correct me saying its a cappuccino. - Marika M.

I miss spending long walks with my friends in the central of Melbourne travelling on the trams to see and explore the heart of Melbourne. - Nikkita J.

I miss Melbourne . Walking freely through Melbourne central , the Arcades grabbing a coffee and frolicking around with a smile for friends I meet along the way. - Maria P.

Missing the craziness of a Saturday night in St Kilda and South Yarra, missing sitting down and having my lunch break at a cafe with chairs and tables. Missing walking around in the city and browsing the melbourne stores. Miss it all. - Andrew T.

I Love Melbourne because there are more things to do an more places to go to i miss going to the Victoria market an the Melbourne zoo i haven't been there in years since its changed i would love to take our family to the zoo and the aquarium. - Emma A.

Hope, love, hope, faith, humanity, despite having arrived in Melbourne two years ago with hope and faith, I always held on to those two words, and this last year despite all that is happening around the world. world, never let those two words go, and if you feel alone remember what you have those two beautiful words with you, Melbourne is a beautiful city and I hope that one day it will be the same city again but with more humanity, I know that like a person who from afar I have the hope that humanity will change and even better times will come, just hold on to faith and hope and I swear that love will be stronger than before, and we will be better human beings. - Alonso D.

You're the best city in this whole world .... ur our home 🍸 - Mridula B.

Dear Melbourne I just want to start of by saying I’m sorry for leaving they way I did. There’s just so many things I miss about about you. Firstly your amazing Vibes, your attractive colours, the sounds you make when I walk past 🥺👉🏾👈🏾 The food you provide......etc I could go on but I’ll only give you a big head. I miss you, take me back please. I promise to look after you and appreciate you more often. - Benedi M.

Oh the city of garden, I hope you to get well very soon and recover fast so that we can do all the things we used to do again. - Alvin A.

I miss walking home after a long day at uni, it's really beautiful because it starts to get really dark and the shops slowly turn their lights on for late business and you can smell all kinds of yummy street food. Then when you get to Flinders Street station, it's truly amazing how it shines at night. I would usually get dinner at Lord of the Fries and then take the train home. I miss the simple things. - Camille V.

Melbourne is where my heart is. City is lonely and my heart is lonely. Sports will inject some life in the city. - Anuj H.

Can’t wait to spend a day out in city and enjoy a good meal and a drink or 2, and walking along the Yarra and taking in all the sites, also can’t wait to stay in hotel there and have some some fun with the night life again especially at sth wharf and the casin , miss you Melbourne but I’ll be back once COVID restrictions are lifted. - Cory

The city of Melbourne is so special to me because of the dense culture. I love that the best coffee places are hidden, I love that Melbourne loves its footy and I love the history! The first thing I’ll do is go grab a coffee from Dukes on flinders lane 🥳 - Rachel S.

I miss the commute to see you. I miss seeing the approaching concrete jungle from my seat in the train, knowing that I will be working or eating or meeting new people and places when I get to you. - Arpana S.

Gonna ride a bike, Melbourne you're a beauty and your skies give me hope ❤️🌈 - Unnati R.

I absolutely love my city! The hustle and bustle of cute little laneway bars and some of the best food you will ever eat. People are friendly, there’s always something to do and there’s always a new alley to explore. - Katie O.

Melbourne is a beautiful multicultural metropolis that reminds me of Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokyo and London rolled in as one with diverse cultures and accesibilities from all over the world. - Cameron T.

Missing family in outer suburbs. LOVE Dandenong Ranges, my home. - Sarah C

Melbourne the city of beauty and opportunity .. I miss and love you .. your energy and soul .. wish I could move back soon .. open back up !!! Melbourne the city of beauty and opportunity .. I miss the energy , the food , the cafes and the parks .. The beautiful city with culture and soul .. can't wait to see you open back up .. we love you  - Cherie M.

I love Melbourne,all of it ❤️❤️ - Helga P.

I can’t wait to go back into the city because I miss the lights that come on at night. It special to me because I met my boyfriend for the first time. - Samantha T.

I love Melbourne because it's always felt like home to me. I can travel to many cities in the world, but they've never felt the same. Our city is special because of the people, the community organisations, the different sporting clubs, the food, the arts, the shopping and the lifestyle. We have everything we ever need and want available at our doorstep. I look forward to doing more socializing and not taking our city for granted and what it offers. I look forward to learning more about Melbourne and visiting more areas that I rarely go to. I look forward to supporting our Arts community, buy supporting more local and community events and businesses, and I look forward to doing these things with family and friends. I am looking forward to not being home as much. - Tony F.

Melbourne. We love your laneways x - Kylie P.

I miss you Melbourne. I miss just sitting on Bourke Street in the afternoon listening to the Buskers. I miss staying and reading in the La Trobe reading room of the State Library. I can't wait for things to get back to normal. Until then, let's all keep safe. much love. xoxo - May Z.

I miss super chilly strolls throughout this beautiful city. - Samantha R.

I love Melbourne. I is an amazing city. We have everything here we could possibly want. I have lived here my whole life. I can feel it's heartbeat every sound. I'm always listening. What I love about Melbourne the most is coffee and black umbrellas on cold rainy days. And in Summer St Kilda on the Esplanade. - Pheobe G.

I had to move from Melbourne almost a year ago for work and I miss it so much - the wonderful sense of community, the cafes, restaurants, venues, markets, street art, the footy (Go Swannies!) but most of all I miss my friends. - Annie V.

A place like no other. So many sights to see. So many different cuisines, theatres, art places. - Yvonne N.

TO my darling Melbourne.. you have been a part of my life and i can only feel what you must be going through. from the starry nights in the walks along the Yarra to some flashy restaurant enjoying a delicious meal you've provided life all of us here we unfortunately we were told we couldn't see the beaches and he couldn't go out without a mask with gloves then I realise this it's not you my darling the danger is around you not within you I can't wait to go to my favourite little cafe on my favourite little restaurant on my favourite beach I'm breathing in the life that you give I miss you and I will always love you. - Liz L.

Melbourne holds a lot of history, heart, soul and love. I have many fond memories including falling in love in Melbourne, I couldn’t live in any other city.  - Marie C.

Due to being displaced by the war, I’ve had to move around a lot. Melbourne is the first place where I felt truly at home, and where I discovered who I am. When I moved here 8 years ago, I didn’t know many people here, but within a month, Melbourne felt like home. I used to take myself on dates with Melbourne, and walking around, I would feel like Melbourne was giving me a big warm hug! So what do I miss about Melbourne? - everything! - Sarzy M.

I like to smell the coffee while I'm walking on the streets, I like to see people dancing or playing on the streets while others watching and smiling, I like to hear the tram bells again, Also I like to see the city full of neon lights, like LA, Vegas or Vancouver. - Amirhamed K.

Hey, I live far from city! I like to visit and shopping, eating ... at the city I love to go. - Sopheary P.

Love you Melby you cold interesting city I call home. Wish you had more trees and less pollution, wish you had more culture and less commercialisation but you still do alright. - Rachel N.

I can’t wait to walk your streets and laneways again. - Katrina T.

Miss visiting occasionally ... hope all is starting to crank up again and until international tourists come ... may be a bit bleak ... but don't give in. - Annabel T.

I love how multi cultural our beautiful city is. I love the fact that there is always something to do in our city. I love that the city is full of beautiful buildings. I love the assorted cafes and restauraunts. I miss eating at restaurants and trying food at new places. Shopping and eating lolol Can not wait. I went to the city a few weeks ago and it was a ghost town my heart broke it was horrible I cant wait to be walking the streets on Melbourne CBD and seeing thousands of people! - Alishia J.

My dear Queen, words can’t explain how much I miss you! I miss all about you! I miss walking in little alley ways, exploring coffee shops and shopping and seeing beautiful trams. - Disna N.

Glorious Melbourne....will miss you when I go back to my country. - Priojeet R.

Melbourne to me is the centre of our galaxy, we are drawn to it in the day and in the night. Its full of character but it is classy. It has something for everyone. I spend a lot of time in the city but I am yet to discover all the alleys and secret spots. I love a city that still holds secrets, its part of its charm. There is something special about Melbourne, there isn't a word or a way to describe it. There isn't a place like it, it really is the best in the world. What i have missed the most is that hustle that is in the streets of Melbourne, i guess what gives it that flair. Im looking forward to just be back in it, to watch city life be exactly that in all its glory. See the museums full, music filling the air and lights shining on buildings. - Jennifer D

I miss the streets, the street art the buskers, the Krispy Kremes, the shops and the casino. Such a pretty city, and always something to do in Melbourne. - Nicole Q.

I miss Melbs shopping. - Lisa M.

I love Melbourne because I achieved my dreams here and made some new ones. I feel love here which is important you do feel safe at so many places but feeling being loved and having respect is what makes our life worthy. - Vijay S.

Melbourne brunch culture is amazingggg! I miss going out to eat with my friends. Hoping to resume that once things are all good again! - Kim M.

Always beats Sydney, there’s lots to explore I miss the footy and cricket at the moment and I’m looking forward to hopefully travelling down there more when a good opportunity comes up. - Lachie B.

I love Melbourne, I was born there and miss pretty much everthing about it. let's hope we can all get together soon, in the meantime, Stay Safe. - Carolyn M.

Can't wait to visit friends in Melbourne again. - Lee F.

Awesome city, lovely trams, restaurants and theatres. - Penny H.

Can't wait to get out there and have some fun, all to celebrate this awesome city. - Kirsty M.

I love Melbourne. The shows, galleries, museums have amazing shows. The walks along the Yarra, around the gardens or sitting outside with a coffee or drink are a great way to spend time. The tram system makes getting around really easy. I've spent evenings eating alfresco at great restaurants and cafes while feeling welcome and safe. I'm looking forward to attending an AFL game and a meal at Crown. - Vicki V

Miss tram rides with my grandchildren. - Diana W.

I'm from Melbourne, but live in Sydney. Melbourne is such a creative metropol with great architecture, great pockets of quaint and fabulous villages. Wonderful food, easy access to many attractions. If Sydney didn't have the Harbour, she wouldn't rate. - Cass D.

I love Melbourne! I love the Charles Dickens pub, the free tram system and your trains and buses. - Christopher M.

I miss the gorgeous people. Our own oasis of kindness. - Belle R.

I miss eating out and the night life that makes Melbourne so special, making new friends from all over the world, Melbourne is a second home to me. - Amy L.

I love Melbourne's art galleries and the historic buildings that continues to value through the years. - Sheryl B.

I miss the trams, the people and the food. - Pia L.

I miss Melbourne's galleries, the NGV, theatre, cafés and restaurants and even the Yarra. I will walk Melbourne's streets taking photos and I will visit the NGV, the museum and drink a lot of good Melbourne coffee. - Anne B.

Dont often go to the city these days but I do miss the crowds and the business of it all. I also miss the events at Fed Square. - Sonia M

Missing the buzz of Melbourne - can’t wait to visit and soak in the city! - Zeba S.

Ah, ciao Melbourne, come stai? I look to meeting you in a small lane in the CBD and sharing an espresso with you again! This city was made for coffee. - Roze E.