What's Hot In Beauty in 2017?
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 29 May 2017
Beauty trends are forever evolving and providing us with endless possibilities. Thanks to Instagram, YouTube and other social media clicks we are lucky enough to keep up –to-date with all the most recent fads. Here we talk about the Latest Beauty Trends in 2017. You’ll discover our favourite products in the beauty industry
- worn by some of the biggest beauty icons including Gigi Hadid and Kylie Jenner.

Contouring was the biggest craze for 2015, then 2016 had a focus on all the pale pinks and rose gold textures on our eyes and especially our lips - encouraging women to look sexy, and not too OTT. With all the latest YouTube clips, we’re finding more specific products are becoming our focus – bringing us into 2017.  We are taking back our natural shine! Get lit with the use of makeup highlighters and illuminators - flattering our natural bone structure.

highlighting makeup

Highlighter Makeup & Illuminator Makeup

Highlighter Makeup

Highlighter makeup is all about showing off those cheekbones and giving our face some wanted definition. Sephora Highlighter Makeup is the perfect little charm used to brighten our face and make us appear more awake.

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Illuminator Makeup

Illuminator makeup will allow you to have a perfectly glistening face. For those women wanting younger looking skin, with the use of Mecca Illuminator you can add a natural looking glow.

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How To Apply Highlighter Makeup and Illuminator Makeup

Cheeks: Put some emphasis in those stunning cheeks by applying either highlighter or illuminator in a diagonal line down your cheek.

Eyes: Highlighters are perfect for hiding those unwanted tired bags - just apply a small amount in the corner of your eye for extra coverage.

Forehead: To put the accent on your forehead, just spread a small amount of Highlighter or Illuminator makeup to the centre, starting from the hairline down to the top of your nose.

Nose: We all have different shapes and sizes, but with the use of a highlighter or an illuminator we can hide any of those insecurities. Apply the highlighter gently along the bridge of nose (to make it appear thinner), making sure it can be blended with your matching foundation.

Lips: Ensure your lips looking amazing with the use of a highlighter or illuminator along the bridge of your luscious lips.

Contouring Makeup

Contouring continues to take the world by storm with the use of popular products like The Body Shop Contouring range. Come in store to The Body Shop, where the girls can help you with your contour look.

Every woman has a different style and if you jump online to your favourite social sites, you will find all the hottest celebs (like our personal fav. Kimmy K) and their very own approach to contouring makeup. You will find different methods of spotting and blending, with so many options available we have decided to provide you a list of our favourite (and quickest) trends:
  • Mapping out your face with two shades of foundation (lighter and darker) and apply along temples, cheekbones and nose.
  • Ensure your foundation is matched with your skin tone, and blend it in evenly.
  • Apply highlighter in the corner of your eye to brighten up your eyes.
  • Use illuminator to your cheekbones and along the bridge of your nose.
  • With the use of a light powder, gently apply over your face to stable the foundation.
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