Zoe Scoglio
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Zoe Scoglio
My practice explores how the narratives we create about our idea of humanness impact the way we commodify, consume and value the natural world and its resources. In response to this era of the Anthropocene, I create work that focuses on the way our lives and physical form are intrinsically interconnected with the geological world. My work could be described as a speculative re-imagining of scientific understanding, juxtaposing and uniting human and geological scale, timeframes and materiality.www.zoescoglio.com

Land Forms II
HD Video, 16:9 Vertical, no sound, 2015

A short video collage contemplating the interrelated nature of the human and geological worlds in relation to time, scale and materiality. Inspired by the idea that all forms, both human and non-human, are sites of transformation and are in a constant state of flux.



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