Olivia Guardiani
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Olivia Guardiani
Olivia Guardiani (18 years old) previously studied her VCE at the Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School where she participated in and intensive contemporary art course. During her VCE studies, she exhibited in various shows and had the opportunity to be involved in artist workshops on a weekly basis. Currently a first year student studying a BFA sculpture at Victorian college of the arts.

Video, 2:52 minutes, 2016

Mal-absorption was experimentation into the connection between action and form. Specifically using materials that would often go unnoticed in their original context. It began with the fascination between the forcing of one material onto the other creating a pleasurable outcome when executed. One material tries to smother the other but due to its properties mutates and springs back to its original form. Repeatedly the foam curls and embraces the wire, the pressure causes the otherwise unnoticed liquid to ooze out.


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