Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda 
Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda have maintained a collaborative art practice for over 20 years, calling themselves Out-of-Sync. Engaged with questions of culture, place and memory, our practice draws provocations, ideas and material from literary texts and popular cultural forms such as film, TV and music, understanding these different cultural forms as ciphers to even greater mysteries. We treat ourselves as (art) mediums – passing on these strange disturbances and unclear sightings that emanate from the vast cultural unconscious. The work that emerges can take many forms, but mostly video, sound, installation and the internet. Maria and Norie live and work in Melbourne, Australia. 

Shredded: Stuplimity and the Aesthetics of Neoliberalism
HD Video, 16:9, stereo, colour, sound, 1 minute 33”, 2015. 

Neo-liberalism animates every particle of our everyday life, politics and culture. It is so pervasive that we take its violence and cruelty for granted, as inevitable. Channelling the zany slapstick of the Three Stooges, Larry and Moe (sorry, Curly was made redundant) we set out to carry the aesthetics of neo-liberalism to the extreme. How better to ‘unmask’ these aesthetics than the slapstick of the Three Stooges whose surreal and farcical comedies depicted heads hammered, eyes poked, hands sawed, and other physical acts of force and power – beyond the bounds of common sense. The Three Stooges understood the affect of humiliation and violence. 


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