Corinne Berndt
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Corinne Berndt
Corinne Berndt is a Melbourne based artist working across multiple mediums,including sculpture, collage and video. Her practice investigates interrelationships between the corporeal and the digital, exploring interactions between objects and bodies. Her interest in digital video and editing processes originates from her background in sculpture. Berndt’s layered videos examine the relationship between the artist’s body and constructed screen spaces. Berndt has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is currently completing her Masters of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

Floating World
HD Video, 16:9, no sound, 3 minutes, 2016, Edition of 2

Floating World is an investigation into my personal relationship to materials and objects. I consider inflated balloons closely related to the body: they encapsulate and make visible the volume created by one’s breathing. Sylvia Plath contemplates the strangeness of balloons in one of her poems, describing them as “oval soul-animals”and “Invisible air drifts”, musing over their fragility and otherworldliness but also their connection to the breath and childhood memories. The lightness of balloons, and their presence as weightless volumes, evokes in me a physical sensation of groundlessness, which I express through digitally constructing the body as floating
on balloons.


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