Claire Anna Watson
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 01 Nov 2016
Claire Anna Watson
Claire  Anna  Watson  is  a  Melbourne  based  artist,  curator,  and  arts  writer.  She  creates installations, photography  and  video-based artwork, and has devised public art projects for the  shores  of  the  Black  Sea  in Turkey,  a  forest  in  Finland,  the  rural plains  of  Portugal  and  the snowfields  of  Australia.  She  has presented  her  works  nationally  and  internationally  and  has been awarded international residencies that have culminated in major public art works. Solo exhibitions  have  been  presented at  Brenda  May  Gallery  in  2015, Gippsland  Art  Gallery  and BLINDSIDE  in  2011  and Counihan  Gallery  in  2008. Group  exhibitions  include ‘Cornucopia’, Shepparton  Art Museum;‘Role  Play’  at  Sydney  Contemporary ‘Video  Platform’ Art  Stage Singapore; the NETS Victoria touring exhibition ‘Made to Last’; and ‘FEAST: Pleasure + Hunger +  Ritual’ at Lexington  Art  League,  USA.  Watson  holds  a  Master  of  Fine  Art  from  Monash University and a Graduate Certificate in Public Art from RMIT University.

Enucleation I
HD video, sound, 9 minutes 10 seconds, 2015, Edition of 4

My  practice  relates  to  contemporary  culture  and  its  relationship  to  foodstuffs  and the  impact  of scientific interventions  on  the  natural  world. Ephemeral  matter  is  the medium for manipulation and experimentation. Enucleation  I is  an  absurdist  interrogation  of  medical  science  and  the  anatomy of lollies. Through the simple procedure of dissecting a lolly, the visceral associations of science  are explored  at  a corporeal  level.  With  each  procedure,  I  increase  my understanding  of  the  world around  me.  For  me,  it  is a  process  of  discovery  that  is both exhilarating and inane. 


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