Christopher Berogna
Blogged by: Melbourne Central 17 Oct 2016
Christopher Berogna
My name is Christopher Berogna and I am a student at the Victorian College of the Arts in the Sculptural and Spacial Practice section. Through my practice, I have gained experience through painting, drawing and a range of other mediums. I have recently started taking an extensive interest in stop motion films with William Kentridge, ‘BLU’ and other artists being a major inspiration. 

The Third Planet
HD Video Charcoal Animation, 16:9, (Audio) N/A , Black and White with one scene of red colour, 1 minute 15 seconds, 2016

Through this Kentridge inspired  charcoal-animation, I tried to manipulate the essence of human fragility. This morbid outlook on an inevitable future sees charcoal being moved around to form what seems to be the last breaths and mundane tasks of a dying man. ‘The Third Planet’ is ideally part of an instalment of more charcoal animations to come in the future, all running with themes to depict desolated landscapes, nihilistic characters which will focus on humanity’s bleak post modemity. In this particular owrk, there are approximately 700 still images that form the basis to the 1 minute film.



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