Arada Panichayatrum
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 12 Oct 2016
Arada Panichayatrum  

Arada is currently undertaking the 3rd year of her Bachel or of Fine Arts (Visual Arts)  course at the Victorian College of the Arts. She previously completed high school in 2012  before undertaking a year of Architectural studies at Monash University in 2013. With an interest in writing, animation and internet culture, Arada creates videos which juxtapose human interactions and gestures with the artificiality of 3D graphics. Utilising animation tools, voice synthesizers and video editing software in the creation of her videos, Arada aims to break down and reconstruct the familiar aspects of everyday life.

Silent train talk
HD Video 16:9, stereo sound, 3.36minutes, 2016. 

Aren't those priority seats on the train just the weirdest things? People tend to avoid them since you have to be ready to give them up for somebody else more deserving of them than you. Their other short-coming is that they're not even really long enough for two people to sit on comfortably. 
These two unfortunate passengers are forced into an intimate proximity, with neither of them having their backs positioned comfortably. The pair both sit as still as possible, (as to not accidentally elbow their seat mate) and wait out this slow, seemingly endless interaction.


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