Patrick Kelly's ‘#Selfie #NoFilter’
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Patrick Kelly
Born in 1986, Patrick Kelly is a filmmaker, artist, writer, and academic working in Melbourne. His research and practice cover all forms of media – especially film & video production, online spaces, interactive video, transmedia storytelling, convergence, all things mobile, ethnography, practice-led research, animation, aura, and Slow Media. He completed his PhD in Creative Media at RMIT in 2013 and produced a feature-length documentary for the project, entitled Detour Off the Superhighway, which is currently being prepared for commercial release.
From 2014–2016 Patrick was a co-director of the Critical Animals creative research symposium, which takes place in Newcastle each October as part of This Is Not Art festival. Since 2010 he has lectured in film, media and communication at RMIT, Deakin, and Swinburne universities. He has also worked in film and television production for Network Ten, Jonathan M Schiff Productions, and LCR Filmsound, and currently works as a freelance media practitioner.
Patrick Kelly
‘Diorama #02: Tekapo’
2015. Digital video, 3:57 minutes.


Patrick Kelly
‘#Selfie #NoFilter’

2014. Digital video, 2:18 minutes.
This film asks questions concerning the nature of contemporary mobile self-portraits, or ‘selfies’. It engages with concepts surrounding the areas of modernity, social media, mobile photography aesthetics, ego, co-presence, and self. It depicts the pre-production, production, post-production, and exhibition stages of creating a selfie on Instagram, ultimately providing a representation of the mechanical process of modern photography.

Through the gradual pace of change occurring within the image itself (not the controls around the image), the artist seeks to pay homage to the placidity of Daguerre’s diorama, whilst also adopting a Benjaminian critique of the mechanics of modern mobile photography.


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