Emily Yuting Chen's ​‘Alchemy in Micmicry #1’
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Blogged by: Melbourne Central 16 Mar 2016
Emily Yuting Chen
Born in Taiwan, Emily Yuting Chen is an emerging artist who recently graduated from a Fine Art degree with Honours at Monash University. Chen works closely with analogue and digital apparatuses, exploring the properties of light reflexively through the mechanisms of technology. She works experimentally across a mix of time-based media, exploring the agency and properties of various media in response to the experiences through which we perceive human existence.
Emily Yuting Chen
‘Alchemy in Micmicry #1’
2016. Single channel video, sound, 2:36 minutes.
Alchemy in Mimicry #1 is part of a series of work that explores the destruction and reconstruction of materiality through the apparatus of seeing. When molten glass is poured into a malfunctioning light bulb, the materials collapse and engulf one another, becoming an inseparable form. The attempt to revive the light, and to shape the hot glass with its own material, resembles a form of camouflage that consumes itself as the materials transition and merge. The event is viewed and recorded by a flatbed scanner – and this second apparatus reveals that an infrastructure can also be a mechanism for perceiving.


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