The Melbourne Central Stylist and Personal Shopping Program


Whether you're browsing in a group, shopping for a special occasion or just hunting for the hottest heels, why not enlist the help of one of Melbourne's top-tier stylists? Fashionistas Raquel Ryan, Sally Mackinnon, Elaine Marshall and Prue Chilcott are now on hand to help you navigate the city's premier fashion offerings – both in Melbourne Central and beyond.

Offering citywide professional styling and personal shopping services for men and women


  • Personal and professional styling
  • Personal shopping
  • Group bookings
  • Special occasional shopping such Spring Racing, Engagements, mother and daughter group shopping
  • Suitable for men and women


Customer Booking Process:

  1. Book at the Melbourne Central website
  2. Select one of the 4 stylists
  3. Stylist will confirm booking and time via return email
  4. At least 50% payment is to be provided by the guest before appointment and full payment must be made on the day
  5. Complete registration form and submit to stylist prior to styling session
  6. Meet Stylist at the Melbourne Central Stylist hub on Level 2
  7. You will also receive a follow up email from your stylist post your session


Stylist Pricing:

1.5 hours: $150
2 hours: $250
3 hours: $320
2 or more people
2 hours: $290
3 hours: $400
Group bookings price on application
Personal shopping from $75 per hour

Meet our Experts:

Sally MacKinnon

Sally Mackinnon is one of Melbourne's leading wardrobe consultants. With more than six years of experience working full time as a stylist, Sally is renowned for her down-to-earth, intuitive and personable approach to working with her clients. Sally’s expertise is her ability to make her clients feel confident in a fashion world that can be overwhelming. Whether she's working with stay-at-home mums, CEOs or students, Sally’s knowledge of body shapes, trends and the local retail market allow her to meet the needs of her clients regardless of their budget. Sally believes that with a little guidance and support everyone can dress with style.

Monday - Saturday 10am - 6pm

To book a session with Sally click here

Raquel Ryan

Raquel Ryan is the director of Style Space, a business that draws on her years of experience in the retail industry, working with top Australian and international brands and designers. "Inspired by my love of style and wardrobes, and my slight obsession with organising, I have decided to channel all that energy into tips, solutions and inspiration… I truly believe that your style can express your creativity without making a sound. Your wardrobe should inspire you to get dressed every day. No matter your shape or budget, today's options are endless, you just have to find them. It’s not just about following trends, it's about translating the trends that are right for you."

Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

To book a session with Raquel click here

Elaine Marshall

Elaine Marshall is a freelance stylist, contributing fashion editor, blogger, personal shopper and producer. A regular on the fashion circuit, Elaine works across an array of mediums with a client list that includes many iconic brands. Her cutting-edge editorial and advertising work has been showcased across the globe but Marshall is most renowned for her regular editorial contributions to Fashion Journal, Fashion Trend, Spook and MX, to just name a few favourites.

Friday 5pm - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 5pm

To book a session with Elaine click here

Prue Chilcott

Prue Chilcott is the editor of celebrated fashion blog Melbourne Girl – and she's a Melbourne girl through and through. Prue has developed an expert knowledge of the products and experiences our city has to offer – be it fashion, food, bars, parks, beaches or navigating sales on a Saturday afternoon. She currently works in public relations and advertising, and spends all her money on clothes and toys for her French Bulldog, Coco Chanel.

Wednesday & Thursday 10am - 6pm
Friday 3pm - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 12pm - 5pm

To book a session with Prue click here